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Welcome to the official

menudo audition

  • You must be between the ages of 12 and 16 and have your parent’s (or legal guardian’s) consent.
  • Sing 3 songs from the PLAYLIST below that best show YOUR vocal ability.
  • Dance to 1 of the 3 songs so that we can see if you can move like a MENUDO.


audition in 3 steps



Follow the link at the bottom of the page to start your registration process and pay the $25 fee.

A portion of the fee will be donated to Ronald McDonald House


download the heartout app

Go to the mobile app store (iOS or Android) and download the HeartOut App.

Sign in with the same user name used for registration and you will see the three songs under pending contests ready for your audition.


audition and submit

You will have three chances to record each song, then choose your best and submit.

We recommend you to practice with the app (in Recording Test mode) to make sure we can hear you and see you as best as possible. Recording Tests do not count as any of your three chances.

take a listen


  • Select and sing 3 songs from the playlist that best show YOUR vocal ability with the provided backing track (play the backing track through the speakers of a second device).
  • Dance to 1 of the 3 songs so that we can see if you can move like a MENUDO.
  • Optional: We encourage you to sing 3 songs from the provided list with the backing tracks provided. However, if you would like to include an original song or a popular song NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LIST, an exception can be made ONLY FOR 1 OF THE 3 SONGS you are required to submit for your audition (the other 2 songs have to be from the list provided).


You will record your auditions on the HeartOut app on a mobile phone. In order to perform with the backing tracks listed here and use them for your audition, you will have to play them through the speakers of a second device (computer, phone, tablet) and sing on top of it. Make sure you use the Test Recording feature in our app to check the volume of the second device and adjust it to be able to hear your voice clearly on top of it.


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